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What Hiring an Expert Means to You

Area and Oriental rugs add a beautiful addition and aesthetic to your Baton Rouge home. Rugs make an important contribution to the overall character of a well-designed room and truly add the finishing touch. There is a downside though to these pieces of décor; unlike wall decoration, rugs typically receive a fair amount of foot traffic. They are often placed in high-traffic areas to liven up and protect these living spaces. But if the rugs are protecting these spaces, who is going to protect the rugs? L & K Chem-Dry helps protect them through regular rug cleaning.

Much like carpets and upholstered furniture, area rugs create a natural air filter for the home. Often dirt, allergens and bacteria are trapped within these rugs; they limit those unhealthy elements from circulating to the air in other rooms. But, area rugs can only to do this when they are properly maintained and kept clean on a regular basis. Think of it this way: in your home ventilation system, you regularly replace your air filter. So when it comes to your carpets, upholstery, and area rugs, they need to be regularly cleaned as well. The professionals here at L & K Chem-Dry offer superior rug cleaning services throughout Baton Rouge. We seek to remove dirt and allergens to your rugs but also restore the beauty of the aesthetics to your home.

Think about any substantial investment you have. You wouldn’t send your car to any auto shop or mechanic without researching them. Nor would you let someone to work on your refrigerator who didn’t have the qualification or experience. You would want to go to an expert technician for the maintenance of any of these investments. Just like your car or your refrigerator, you shouldn’t use just any rug cleaner to take care of the area & oriental rugs in your home.

What Sets Our Rug Cleaning Apart

The professionals at L & K Chem-Dry are trained to clean all types of rugs. Whether that is common area rugs made of wool or synthetic fibers or more expensive & delicate Oriental or Persian rugs. When you choose our rug cleaning services, we bring with us specialized tools and equipment specifically designed for whatever kind of rug you have, whether that is synthetic, wool, cotton, silk or one of many other types. Not all fibers should receive the same treatment.

With our effective, yet gentle rug cleaning and drying process, you don’t have to be concerned about the coloring in your rugs. Our cleaning methods preserve the dye within the fiber, maintaining the colors in your rug, ensuring that they stay vibrant and fresh. We know that it wouldn’t make any sense to have the dirt removed from your rug only to cause the colors to fade. At L & K Chem-Dry, we do everything in our ability to make your rugs look beautiful, vibrant and fresh after our cleaning process.

What makes us stand apart is the cleaning products that we use in our rug cleaning process. Other companies use cleaning products that leave behind residues after the cleaning is over, which ultimately ends up attracting more dirt and dust. So, you end up having to clean your rugs more often. Our cleaning products never result in any sticky, dirt-attracting residues. So, you can be sure that your rugs stay cleaner longer – providing a healthier home for you family and pets. So give L & K Chem-Dry a call next time you need a rug cleaning in your Baton Rouge home.