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We Clean for Your Health

It’s tough to go wrong with the classic look of tile in your home. Whether you choose ceramic or stone, tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, entryway and even outdoors is always a nice touch to the architecture of your home. A stone tile patio in your backyard is the perfect addition to a barbecue with your family & friends, and there’s nothing quite like a ceramic tile entryway to add an air of class in a Baton Rouge home.

Unfortunately, tile and stone are also prone to the unhealthy elements in and around your home that plague your carpets. Dirt & grime can easily build up in the porous material of tile & grout flooring. This quickly become a breeding ground for gross and potentially harmful bacteria. In rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen, it is particularly important to do what you can with tile and grout cleaning to cut down on bacteria, as germs often run rampant in these rooms. While sweeping and mopping on a regular basis can prevent excessive buildup of germs in your tile and grouting, they don’t quite deliver the deep clean that you’re looking for in your flooring.

Don’t waste your efforts trying to get a deep clean yourself with just your hands a toothbrush. While it can help to remove built-up grim trapped between tiles, it’s often easy said than door. You’re more often left with mixed results, sore joints and a nasty toothbrush. So trade your hours of scrubbing for another method of getting the deep, healthy, and safe cleaning you’re looking for. Let L & K Chem-Dry provide the profession stone, tile & grout cleaning in your Baton Rouge home.

While we are most known for our superior carpet cleaning service, the professionals at L & K Chem-Dry are not just carpet cleaners. We offer more cleaning services now than ever before. In addition to our rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services, L & K Chem-Dry’s tile and grout cleaning significantly reduces dirt & bacteria in your home. This helps to cut down the spread of germs, so your home will sparkle after our cleaning service and be safe & healthier for your family and pets.